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Personal Sculpture

I like to 'work' on a few strands concurrently

It gives ideas time to solidify and it keeps me stimulated

Golden Acacia.jpg
Golden Acacia

Bronze and Goldleaf

Dawn Chorus.jpg
Dawn Chorus

This work relates to an everpresent component of my visual and aural landscape living in the hills

The day starts with the magpies chorus.

It is a joyful beginning.

I watched a group of 3 juvenile Magpies standing on a stump, beaks raised, carolling.

I have since joined a choir!

Re Shoot.jpg
Re Shoot

bronze stone and steel

2.2metres tall

success over adversity

Wattle Pod.jpg
Wattle Pod

I found a beautiful seedpod while camping at Palmer

This is my response

It is an expression of my interest in repitition

bronze 1.5metres long

Fishing With Norman.jpg
Fishing With Norman

This is a bit of a nod to Norman Lindsay, who I understand was very interested in fishing as well as statuesque ladies.

bronze 250mm tall

Mr Lindsays Catch Of The Day.jpg
Mr Linsays Catch Of The Day

another nod to Norman

bronze 250mm tall

The Verges Con and Di.jpg
The Verges, Con and Di

Life and relationships 

Its a balancing act

Bronze  300 mm tall

Cabinet Reed.jpg
Cabinet Reed

Bronze, Stainless Steel,Steel,Paint and Goldleaf

2.4metres tall

Plant description

Common Name Golden Arse Grass

It is an introduced invasive species.

Comes in just 2 colours that clash.

The flowerheads will always attempt to cut off  the flowerheads above them regardless of colour.


Mob  Observed.jpg
Mob Observed


Height 120mm

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